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Site Purpose:

Work Eau Claire (WEC) is a volunteer, community-wide project designed to lead to “ACT” certification as a “Work Ready” county, which is based on completed “WorkKeys Assessments.”  The holder of WorkKeys Assessments at various levels can show an employer their level of “work readiness” in three areas.  A certification is also an important economic development tool that can identify a region as having the necessary skills that can benefit the current or future workforce.

Certification is based on ACT  Work Ready criteria.  In conjunction with the certification requirements, WEC will work to encourage employers, high schools, individuals, agencies, and commerce-related non-profits to engage with all aspects and levels of the required WorkKeys assessment tools.

All employers who support the recognition or requirement of WorkKeys-related parameters, will be listed on this website.  Further, this website will be used to encourage additional employers, schools, businesses, agencies, non-profits, etc., to sign-up to be a “supporter.”  This is to show the widespread level of support for a community in order to achieve the required employer metric toward certification described above.  Company support forms are collected ahead of display on this site which includes company names, contact, address, emails, and telephone numbers.  In addition, they are given the option to NOT appear on the website should they prefer.   As a further benefit, companies are also listed for a “Badging Program” at Chippewa Valley Technical College, which encourages students to fulfill activities relating to the College’s Core Values.  Similarly, companies are notified of this and may opt to NOT be listed should they prefer.  Companies on this website may also be referred to informally as “partners.”


There is no requirement or cost for a company to support this effort and be listed on this website.  Likewise, there is no revenue which results from the certification process described above.

Costs associated with this website are borne temporarily by the Chippewa Valley Technical College as part of the college’s mission to contribute to skilled workers to the workforce. Future organizational structure is desired to grow to a point of self-sufficiency or other partner arrangement.

Revenues which may result from the Work Ready effort for Chippewa Valley Technical College include the proctoring of the WorkKeys Assessments, contracting with employers to deliver this service, technical assistance, and contracts for “Profiling” services which can be provided by CVTC faculty. Pricing will adhere to CVTC normal contract training and technical assistance rates.


Cookies, Plug-in’s, Website Hosting, and Related Marketing:

This website uses cookies and employer listings, testimonials, and announcements which will be identifiable. Supporters will have the opportunity to opt in or out of this. Also, this site uses WordPress and numerous plugins in order to safeguard the security of the site and to increase rankings on search engines which is housed on a third-party hosting site.  Any information gathered technically through the administration of this website will not be sold or shared.  Marketable information gathered, however, may be used to contact employers, schools, or other non-supporters in order to share the project and encourage them to sign-on as a supporter or to participate with the effort, announce news, share events, etc.


Images found on the site have been approved via ACT, or, are placed via a third-party design platform that is utilized.  No likeness or other inference is intended.  Images may NOT be copied or used elsewhere.

Hold Harmless:

Work Eau Claire, this site, their agents, and any supporter may not be held responsible for any action as a result of this project, website, the WorkKeys assessments in any manner as it relates to a company, hiring, employee issue, candidate, or any other expectation related to either the Work Ready certification program, Work Eau Claire, or WorkKeys.